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View original postHuh, that's interesting. Now the question is: Is Jaime being in Dorne a change from the books or just something from the future of the books?

I'd lean toward a change but it would make sense that Jaime might head down to check on his daughter after someone's tried to kill her. But I'm pretty sure they've aborted or modified the plot with him and the Riverlands. There's no grieving Stark widow, the Blackfish hasn't really been built up as much, the girl with the missing teeth, can't remember her name, hasn't had any appearance that I recall, and they haven't hinted at Zombie Cat. It would also probably be kinda hard to do the Dorne Arc well when so much of it is new characters to the audience and revolves particularly heavily on what the POV character is thinking. It makes sense to transport a main character there for the audience to relate to.

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