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Maybe not... fionwe1987 Send a noteboard - 10/02/2015 01:57:36 AM

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(Personally, I don't).

The only way REE could automatically extend their possession of the rights to adapt the series (for TV, for games) was to hastily put together anything with the WOT title and broadcast it before time ran out, which it appears they did, in secret of Harriet and al, and they bought an informercial slot to broadcast it.

Now they'll have many more years to do nothing with them.

Otherwise the rights were about to revert imminently to RJ's succession and Harriet hoped it would be the case as REE has been dragging its feet for a whole lot of years now, and she would have preferred to sell them to someone else.

Wert was saying over at Westeros that Courts tend to throw out these kinds of last minute videos as against the spirit of the agreement. Fingers crossed that happens here.

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