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Pretty much agree! ironclad Send a noteboard - 15/02/2016 02:54:13 PM

I wasn't too fond of Colossus being THIS Russian. I don't remember them giving him a strong accent in the comics nor the former films. He has been living at Xavier's school for ages with little to no contact with Russians. He'd speak better English and not act like a (kind-hearted) Russian thug. It would have been nice to see him being human at the mansion, too. The CGI did not entirely convince me here. But that's basically my only complaint.

I am no big fan of the Deadpool comics. His humor worked so much better for me on film, though. I'm excited to see where they go from here. Now that this is a massive hit and they will have Cable appear in the next one, more X-Men will as well, I bet.

Oh and we went to the movie theater close to the air base to see the original version and guess what? Americans brought their kids. Oh how I loved the parents squirming in their seats during the sex montage


You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.
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