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I haven't seen Breaking Bad yet. Rebekah 17/11/2015 07:42:09 PM 322    
The biggest problem with the Craig films is the lack of humour. Rebekah 17/11/2015 07:40:11 PM 434    
Server error still hanging around. Please delete this, Jens. Rebekah 18/10/2015 01:03:36 PM 165 Yes  
I didn't know they were making a TV show of that. Could be fun. Rebekah 18/10/2015 01:03:32 PM 201 Yes  
I mostly agree with your reasoning. Rebekah 17/03/2015 02:01:51 PM 359    
I was sure this was going to be I Want to Marry "Harry". Rebekah 07/08/2014 10:43:18 AM 303    
That might be good. Rebekah 26/07/2014 08:36:50 AM 324    
Bob Hoskins has passed away, aged 71. Rebekah 30/04/2014 03:02:54 PM 490    
JK Rowling to write Harry Potter spin-off film. About Newt Scamander. FUN. Rebekah 12/09/2013 03:56:06 PM 524    
Ugh. So young. Rebekah 14/07/2013 08:41:41 AM 197 Yes  
I have nothing to add except that Henry Cavill is seriously attractive. Rebekah 24/06/2013 11:23:40 PM 611    
Also: for full disclosure, I kept watching it because Noah Wyle is pretty. Rebekah 30/05/2013 03:16:35 PM 251 Yes  
We considered doing that too but then my brother told me it got good so we stuck with it. Rebekah 30/05/2013 03:14:54 PM 248 Yes  
Is anyone watching/did anyone watch Falling Skies? Rebekah 30/05/2013 11:24:02 AM 562    
NZ used to get most films first as a test audience kind of thing. Rebekah 08/05/2013 03:12:51 PM 475    
What was in the post-credits scene? We had to rush away to let our babysitter get home. Rebekah 08/05/2013 03:10:19 PM 238 Yes  
You should add SPOILER to your post title since it looked like this was a general post. Rebekah 20/02/2013 04:33:32 PM 257 Yes  
The Brit series it's based on was extremely good. Rebekah 06/02/2013 08:37:39 PM 476    
Re Scottish. Rebekah 14/11/2012 08:48:33 AM 510    
Are you saying there are plot holes in Star Wars? Never! Rebekah 09/06/2012 06:09:59 AM 360 Yes