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Give it a try. If you're bored, skip it. You already know what happens. *NM* Aemon Send a noteboard - 12/09/2009 04:31:11 AM
I've been making an effort to reread the Wheel of Time books ever since I heard that AMoL was nearing around the bend, and my progress has been slow but sure. I tend to put the books down for long intervals only to pick them back up right where I left off and truck forward. I've plowed through a lot of them so far, from NS to LoC, and I'm currently wading through CoS.

I remember that, for whatever reason, the books that I least enjoyed when I first read the series were Crown of Swords, Path of Daggers and Crossroads of Twilight. Now, though, only a hundred or so pages into Crown of Swords, I have to say I'm kind of enjoying it. Pedron Niall gets stabbed to death, Galina gets captured by the Shaido, Colavere seizes Cairhien and Min has foretold that she will hang. It's juicier than I last remembered.

I remember that Crossroads of Twilight, on the other hand, was what turned me away from WoT almost entirely until Knife of Dreams came out. I was so utterly aggravated by how little happened throughout that book that there were moments when I wanted to throw it against a wall. Is it worth the reread? Am I going to need to comb over it to glean some otherwise invaluable character insight, or is it safe to say that I can get away with reading chapter summaries?

I can tell you now that my first trek through the Wheel of Time series left me with a great deal of headstrong knowledge and litle sense about theories and the mechanics of things. There are a lot of interesting tidbits that I picked up with a sharper set of eyes the second time around.

I was thinking about going through the chapter summaries and reading anything that sounded interesting to me. For some reason, I'm almost dreading the moment that I have to pick that book up again -- what does everyone else have to say about this?

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