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LBS's got the "boot", so to speak scalius Send a noteboard - 26/10/2010 07:13:58 PM
I called mine the other day, and was told they would no longer be stocking any TOR fantasy, much to my shock.

When I asked why, she politely told me that they are a sci-fi/fantasy store, and TOR doesn't have all that much to offer them in this genre. In the past, she used to make her small order in June for books, and all was well. This year, she was told that due to early release problems and such, LBS's would have to make substantial purchases of books (or something to that effect) which promptly pushed my LBS out of the running. I didn't understand all the issues, but basically they were strong-armed out of ordering due to TOR combating early releases and apparently people making digital copies available online before official release date. I never new this was such a problem.

So, I now have to a schmuck...for the actual release date like the rest of the unfortunate masses ;)

I would slave, to pave the way, to sink your ship of fools.
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