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Character deaths, DEMANDRED and other odds and ends... Beware SPOILERS of ACTUAL Doom! fionwe1987 Send a noteboard - 29/12/2012 06:27:41 PM
So, I'm gonna post spoilers from the DM spoiler board, and I'll add anything I get by PM as well. Please don't read unless you don't care about Spoilers.

The body count at the moment stands at two. And the two are...

Egwene and Birgette. Both are dead by chapter 40. Chapter 37 is the huge 79000 word chapter. Egwene's death is "fitting", and though this comes from someone who seems to like her character, take that word with a grain of salt.

Egwene actually dies IN that chapter. But the Last Battle isn't fully over 3 chapters later. Wonder what's going on...

ETA 2: The chapter is called "The Last Battle". Egwene's death was "beautiful" and a "huge contribution" to the LB. I guess previously mentioned grain of salt can be removed.

ETA 3: Okay... here's another big one folks. Remember that pesky old Foresaken Demandred? Guess where he was? Shara! I have no more details. But wow. Roedrean seems to have been a clever misdirection!

And Egwene's contribution to the LB did not have anything to do with TAR. Wow. I guess she's going to channel to the death...

ETA 4: So Demandred's name among the Sharans is "Wyld". I have some contradictory info here. It may be that this "Wyld" is their name for the DR. Or not.

The Sharan's apparently appear in the midst of the Last Battle through a humongous Gateway.

Egwene is not in TAR even once till she dies. Very very weird. Perrin is in it a lot, though.

At least by Chapter 40, the Asha'man and Aes Sedai have not joined into one organization.

From independent sources, Egwene "contributed VERY heavily" to the LB. And the Horn of Valere has a critical role.

ETA 5: Be ready people. Preliminary deathlist:

Birgitte, Gawyn, Egwene, Bryne, Siuan, Hurin, Bashere. Among the Foresaken: Demandred, Moghedien, Lanfear. Graendal is alive, but... has met an end similar to Lockhart in Harry Potter, so I'm guessing severe memory loss.

And the BIIIIG one: Mat isn't connected to the Horn. Someone else blows it!

ETA 6: Birgette comes back as a Hero. So she wasn't severed from the Horn after all.

ETA 7: Okay, more immense stuff coming:

Body swap between Rand and Moridin happens. Everyone except his three women think he's dead. He's last seen riding away in Moridin's body.

We don't know what happens to everyone in the future. We just see people attending Rand's "funeral".

Graendal's compuslion weave backfires on her when she's around Aviendha trying to unsuccessfully unravel a Gateway. It explodes, like Elayne's did.

Moghdein doesn't die. She gets taken as Damane.

Lan survives!

ETA 8: More insanity:

Egwene goes totally apeshit on the bad guys. Apparently its like the end of tGS times a 100. Egwene stands toe to toe with Taim. He has a special sa'angreal given to him by Demandred and is using it to fling huge amounts of Balefire around. The very fabirc of reality is threatening to unravel, and he's almost successful. Egwene "reaches down" and comes up with a weave named... The Flame of Tar Valon. Its the anti-thesis of Balefire, and she uses her sa'angreal to generate a Flame to size of a "thermonuclear warhead" that kills Taim, and also reverses all the damage done by the Balefire, thus saving the world.

The Wyld is the name of the unquestioned leader of the Sharans. Demandred somehow manages to get this title.

Will keep updating.
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