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I always perceived it..... Jeordam Send a noteboard - 18/02/2013 11:19:19 PM
as the attempt at a sentient construct. Think about it, in the Age of Legends, they had technology...they had the One Power...they had pretty much everything. They were pushing the possiblities of space/time and existance when they were going through the different dimentions using the Portal Stones. They were using the Dreamworld to do research in, where even reality can be adjusted to suit their needs.

They were genetically modifying plants (Avendesora trees). So what they tried next was a living construct. In today's day and age, we strive towards many things, but we see the touchy subject when we destroy human life to get stem cells. Well imagine wanting to make a sentient life form. Using humans would be considred evil. Using animals would be considered cruel.

That leaves plants. One can experiment on plants without getting near an ethical issue. The Greenman was the ultimate in creating a living construct.

And the others said. Fantasy needs their talking tree people.

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