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View original postIn the prologue to ToM, I can't figure out why Graendal has Delana Compel Ramshalan, rather than do it herself. She doesn't yet know that Rand is going to use the Compulsion as a test, yet she goes out of her way to fetch Delana to cast the Compulsion. What's up with that?

View original postI don't remember the scene with the utmost clarity, but this was during the whole "Rand plans to hunt Graendal to the ground" subplot, right? Graendal was taking a lot of precautions. Her thinking here was probably, "what if Ramshalan had a trap that reacted to saidar, or to Compulsion?"

I guess that makes sense? She didn't know he was planning to "hunt her to the ground". She's worried about him finding her, but still thinks he's trying to manipulate her.

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