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Sammael, Rhavin, Lanfear, and Graendal's plot Jeordam Send a noteboard - 17/09/2014 10:57:32 PM

So you're The Chosen...err....Forsaken. You're hatching a plan to get Rand al'Thor to attack you in a time & place of your choosing. So far not a bad plan. Why in the name of the Great Lord...err.... The Dark One would you only have plans for him to attack you in Illian? All the little attacks and such were pointing there.

You know from Lanfear that Rand is hardly the country bumpkin that you think that he is. Rand doesn't know that the four of them are totally on this plan. He just knows that someone is pointing him at Illian. My question still comes around to why didn't they also have the same plans/defenses set up in Andor?

Isn't part of setting a trap also having the "back up" trap set too?

Yeah...this post is all about me just wondering....and missing wot as well.


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