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The way I see it is similar, but maybe not as involved. I also suspect the Seed is always a Seed ... otherwise Rand essentially gave Elayne a one-off angreal creation. I got the impression that the Seed was something that could be used many times to create many angreal.

Yes this would make more sense, and also explain why it looks beautiful. It's a reusable object of the Power, and a ter'angreal that can be used repeatedly.

I assumed the Seed would be along the lines of a Well in terms of it only needing a moment of connection to do it's thing.

I thought about this initially but I think it goes against Rand's quote that the process is time consuming. It also fits in with the way in which the Finns drained Lanfear and Moiraine, and how the technology may have originated from them.

I imagine that Elayne on her own would only be able to create an angreal that at maximum offered up her own strength. So Elayne (using your numbers) could create an angreal that gave 89 saidar, but she would be unable to channel at all for xx months. She could choose to make a 29 saidar angreal and still be able to channel at 60 for xx months, or she and Nynaeve could link and create a 186 strength angreal and each of them would be unable to channel or they could link with Egwene, Aviendha and Sharina and create a 186 angreal and have the weakening spread across the 5 individuals.

Yes, but once again the quote about it being a time consuming process. I also believe that angreal of significant strength required several women, but considering I believe it took months, I can't imagine a circle being practical.

Perhaps sa'angreal were created when powerful circles linked and created them, or perhaps a sa'angreal required both men and women in the creation with the sex of the sa'angreal being determined by who led the circle? From the little we know about sa'angreal it seems that there was some kind of manufacturing process involved so it's possible these were created using the "standing flows" and some kind of machinery and thus had massive power available but in limited supply?

I think that mixed circles were unlikely. We've never seen an angreal or sa'angreal that can be used by both males and females, despite constant rumors in the books and the BWB. One also has to ask what the point of the saidin would be in a circle led by a woman to make a female angreal. The only exception I can think of is that it is about creating the 'lattice' inside the angreal and it is a structure like anything else - and therefore it is more about the mass of Power used rather than which Power was used. The leader of the circle could attune it to males or females perhaps?

I wonder if the production of a sa'angreal was similar to the production of the Eye of the World? Men and women did it but the taint killed them, but it gave strong channelers access to monumental amounts of saidin, much like a sa'angreal in some sort of way. The Eye seemed to be a hybrid between a well and a sa'angreal.

What we know from Rand is that Elayne's Talent is necessary but not in the initial stages, so I get the feeling that anyone can use a seed. It's the transference of the seed's power into an object needs the Talent in all likelihood.

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