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Cannoli's "Egwene's Evil" Compendium Kaldric Send a noteboard - 08/09/2016 06:15:39 PM

With RAFO's unfortunately inevitable shutdown, I'm afraid that a lot of the information on the site will be lost. Of particular interest to me is Cannoli's long-running commentary regarding Egwene. In the interest of preserving such a masterpiece for future generations, I have started copying the posts from the Comprehensive & Abridged edition, but simply don't have the time to properly edit the formatting to make it a good compendium. The guide symbols weren't preserved when I had copied them, and the file is over 93,000 words. A somewhat daunting task for someone with limited free time.

I'd also like to see whether observations from the original posts can effectively be added to the final edition, if beneficial, as well as any good rebuttals from the pro-Egwene comments. It occurred to me that perhaps someone has already put much of this together, and I could simply steal borrow it from them. Does something like this already exist somewhere?



P.S. The "NSSP" is implied.

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Cannoli's "Egwene's Evil" Compendium - 08/09/2016 06:15:39 PM 1244 Views
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