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blood and bloody ashes ajah Send a noteboard - 23/01/2010 09:18:56 AM
in a pool of silverpike

You know I was just reading another fantasy novel (Kate Elliot's Traitor's Gate) and there was a scene that actually HAD mother's milk in a cup as an offering to a god. No joke.
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Mothers milk in a cup!!! - 23/01/2010 12:04:48 AM 853 Views
You know... that's really gross, when you think about it *NM* - 23/01/2010 09:13:33 AM 182 Views
blood and bloody ashes - 23/01/2010 09:18:56 AM 404 Views
Some people enjoy it as creamer for their coffee - 24/01/2010 05:21:59 PM 363 Views

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