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Speaking of irritation - Edit 2

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This is what I find irritating from his blog...

I read the book fairly rapidly, but I look back on it now trying to remember what all this diverse running-around, collecting, fighting and so on amounted to. To be precise: I look back trying and failing to remember.

In short, he's saying that...
1. He's the first imbecile in the history of Wheel of Time readership who doesn't know what TSR was about. I can't conceive of a more direct and self-explanatory plot.
2. He skimmed something then wrote a review on it. Classy.

Now some of this, I’ll confess, had to do with the rapidity of my reading of the book. Encountering the phrase ‘the fork bearded fellow with a ruby the size of a piegon’s egg in his ear’ [227] I clocked the fork, egg and ear-insertion and thought ‘say what?’ But in such cases I can always re-read to get a clearer sense of what the writer is on about.

Obviously we're dealing with severe mental retardation here. The fact that anyone has to read the pigeon-egg sentence twice is amusing and pitiful.

Mat goes into dreamtime for a bit and comes back with some more magical artefacts (a magical spear and a protective medallion). If the novels continue accumulating magical artefacts at this rate, the three pals will be able to open an extensive antique shop at the end of it all.

Once again - limited brain capacity. It's like his world will end if he can't remember all the items in the series. Maybe they can find and artifact, and use it, then move on and find more. No, too complex I'm guessing.

A fair bit has to do with the ‘Aiel’, a sort of Native-American/ Samurai/Fremen warrior race of people who live in the ‘Aiel Wastes’ and have some special spoken-by-prophesy relationship to the Dragon Reborn. But aside from taking us around their world and culture, and establishing to their satisfaction that Rand is indeed the Muad-Dib, sorry, the Dragon, I’m not sure what the force of this lengthy narrative detour was.

Oh I do hope that every concept in this author's books are totally original. I would very much like to jump on his first character and make any number of parallels from the hundreds of fantasy beings written over the years.

I enjoyed reading vol. 1; didn’t enjoy 2 at all; quite (despite myself) enjoyed 3. 4 was pure slog.

Congratulations. You've displayed almost a mirror image opinion of what most fans have of the books. By the end of the series, we'll all have a good idea of what we're dealing with.

Can you imagine a room like that in Middle Earth? As the Old English proverb has it: better a dinner of herbs where authenticity is, than a stalled ox and a National Trust Property thereby.

Yes, because RJ inserting a museum with roped pillars to keep people away from displays is an obvious rape of Tolkein's work.

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