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difficult question Queen_of_Borg - 25/01/2003 10:05:28 AM

which country that is.


Remember pot is legal in the netherlands, as for the red light district and Heineken is much cheaper here, and we have wooden shoes. Did you ever see Goldeney? Xenia Onotop is dutch too. You know Rutger Hauer(however you spell it?) he's dutch too, we used to know him, he was with my uncle in a band, he visited us from time to time.
Well I already live in the Netherlands, so that's clearly no option. Do you know people that actually wear clogs? I don't, I only know people who have them in their garden and use them as flowerpots... and you spelled Rutger Hauer ok and the real name of Xenia Onatopp is Famke Jansen (or Janszen or Janssen) if I remember correctly... Do you really consider the red light district a pro for the Netherlands?????? *shakes her head*
So? where would you move to?
uhm, tought question, probably England or the US. England is close to the Netherlands and I already speak English so that's easy. I don't really agree with everything they do in the US but it's a very beautiful country, so maybe I'd go there...


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