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If the U.S. were destroyed... The Voice of Lews Therin - 25/01/2003 04:08:51 PM

That's a very interesting question. I would think that the U.S. being destroyed would imply a few things:

1. There was a breakdown in the Western economy.
2. Cultural decay had eaten away at Western culture.
3. Widespread war had caused massive world instability.

So...I would want to move to a country that would be insulated (to a certain extent) from the collapse of the Western economy and that is strong enough to defend itself. My favouritest country in the whole wide world after the U.S., Russia, probably wouldn't fall into that category.

If it did, though, I'd go to Russia. Without a doubt. I feel at home there and am confident that I could rebuild my life there.

If it didn't, I'd go to China. Though I don't speak the language as well as I do in Russia, I have plenty of friends with connections, like the food and the culture and would be confident that China, as a "rising power", would not collapse like the U.S. My "lao pengyou" status would probably help me get a good job, too...

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If your country would be destroyed, where would you move to? - 25/01/2003 06:13:30 AM 141 Views
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If the U.S. were destroyed... - 25/01/2003 04:08:51 PM 13 Views
Re: If your country would be destroyed, where would you move to? - 25/01/2003 05:11:19 PM 6 Views
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