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My coolest ever wotmaniac survey answers Alexia - 18/01/2003 10:02:31 PM

if wotmania was in the arctic, which wotmaniac would do the hunting and what would she/he hunt for?
Kory would hunt for some chocolate for me, hopefully.

seriously though.....

which wotmaniac would spend most of their time looking in a mirror?
I don't know... yet.

which wotmaniac would have reason to?
Again, don't yet know.

which wotmaniac would be most likely to become a supermodel?
Uh... I'll get back to you on that one.

which wotmaniac would be most likely to become a zoolander? (male supermodel)
Nebhead. But without the stupid bit.

which wotmaniac would you trust with your lifes savings?

which wotmaniac would blow all of your life savings on booze, gambling and fast women/men? -btw, please specify the women/men bit
Don't know that one.

which wotmaniac is far most likely to waste her/his huge potential because he/she spends too much time in chat?
Rand al'Thor.

who is the most politically correct wotmaniac?
Ask Dylanfanatic. He knows all about that stuff.

who is the least pc wotmaniac?
Lord Psynister.

which wotmaniac is the least likely to work out abbreviations?
Well, seeing as I didn't understand what 'pc' meant, I guess I'm in the running...

which wotmaniac writes the coolest wotmaniac surveys?
I'll get back to you on that one.

is your answer different to mine?
I don't know - I didn't check.

if it is, how do you cope with being wrong?

so, on a scale of one-ten, with one being absolutely loathe! to ten being, absolutely love , what number would you assign to me?
I'll have to get to know you better first. But I'll give you a 7 because it's lucky.

how many replies do you think this survey will get?
Quiet a few, methinks.

how many different wotmaniacs do you believe will reply to it?
I'm not sure. Maybe quite a few.

was it worth your while?
I guess so.

are you seriously expecting me to believe that you had something better to do?
Well, actually I do and I shouldn't be here but I couldn't pass up the chance to take this survey. So, no.


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