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My answers oddflow - 20/01/2003 03:15:01 AM

Even though i've been here for over a year now, i still don't know that many people...damn real life, damn it to hell

BUT i will answer to the best of my ability

if wotmania was in the arctic, which wotmaniac would do the hunting and what would she/he hunt for?
No idea
seriously though.....

which wotmaniac would spend most of their time looking in a mirror?
Not a clue
which wotmaniac would have reason to?
Hmmm...the luvos?
which wotmaniac would be most likely to become a supermodel?
which wotmaniac would be most likely to become a zoolander? (male supermodel)
That's a tough one...
which wotmaniac would you trust with your lifes savings?
which wotmaniac would blow all of your life savings on booze, gambling and fast women/men? -btw, please specify the women/men bit
again...ME (oh, the lovely ladies )
which wotmaniac is far most likely to waste her/his huge potential because he/she spends too much time in chat?
No clue
who is the most politically correct wotmaniac?
Good question...
who is the least pc wotmaniac?
*scratches head*
which wotmaniac is the least likely to work out abbreviations?
*peers up at the question mark floating above his head*
which wotmaniac writes the coolest wotmaniac surveys?
Well..Gena was waaay ahead of everyone else when i had my "internet break"
is your answer different to mine?
Buggered if i know
if it is, how do you cope with being wrong?
I break things
so, on a scale of one-ten, with one being absolutely loathe! to ten being, absolutely love , what number would you assign to me?
Am i supposed to answer this?
how many replies do you think this survey will get?
Dunno, but i think it will live up to your expectations
how many different wotmaniacs do you believe will reply to it?
*takes a stab in the dark* 37
was it worth your while?
Sure, why not?
are you seriously expecting me to believe that you had something better to do?
I the moment, the term "having a life" always seems to elude me
Glad to be of what little assistance that i was


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