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Back from the book signing in Philly! Paradox Bain - 21/01/2003 09:20:25 PM

So, I pick up my friend who is at work to go with me to the Philly signing. We find the Library, but as usual, parking is the hardest thing to find in Philthydelphia.

He goes in while I'm finding a meter.

I get in head to the line, and there about the third person in line is Margie (Sexy Qween), she looked absolutely great. She got her hair cut, and was dressed really nice. And if I'm not mistaken, I think she had her hair dyed the natural color, which is a fiery red. Again she looked really good. So we said Hi, gave each other hugs and kisses and I moved to the back of the line where my friend was waiting.

I was supposed to meet, another wotmaniac (Smeggy Wulf) Stef) there, and even though I saw her picture, I couldn't find her.

I would have liked to meet other wotmaniacs, but everyone seemed so...private, wary, or introverted. I looked along the line of people but decided not to open my mouth. And a good thing too, I guess. Because on the way home, Margie told us that she asked if anyone around her went to our beloved website, and they answered no. While I was in the rest room, my friend (we were about 30th or 40th in line) asked some of the people around him if they went to wotmania. He said they looked at him like he was crazy. I don't know, I find it hard to believe that many of these people didn't come here, but oh well. They don't know what they are missing.

Anyway, RJ, walks by the line and stands up at the front and pretty much recites by script the exact things he said in the Interview that many of us have read. Word for Word. It seemed so...scripted to me.

Oh, and RJ needs a haircut, or a hairstyle.

So I get to the table and he signs my book, Margie takes our picture, and I ask him a question that I knew the answer to before he answered. It still made me happy.

My question was:

"Are you a Master Mason?"

To those of you that do not know what a Master Mason is, it is the third degree of Free Masonry. The oldest Fraternal Organization in the world. One I have belonged to for 12 years now.

His answer:

"Yes." And he shook my hand with the secret ancient handshake of a Master Mason.

I really wanted to go back along the line and try to find wotmaniacs, but I felt responsible for getting my friend back to work. So to you Smeggy Wulf, I apologize. I know that I would have recognized you if I saw you, and anyone else that may have been there, I wish that maybe one of you opened your mouth. Myself I didn't want to look...weird. Maybe that's why you didn't.

If you were there, you might have seen me. I was carrying a brown leather backpack with my red winter jacket bundled on top of it. I had blue jeans and a green shirt. I have dark hair and wear glasses.

Paradox Bain
Kit's Twin
Creator of the Sacred Wotmania Peace Pipe©™
How come we choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America?

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