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Religion is a tricky thing Deckrin - 29/04/2004 02:37:54 PM

It is really one of those topics that is always hot, always controversial and everyone under the sun has an opinion on. The basis for everything involved in most of the Middle East revolves around Religion and it being used as justification to murder other people and then escape any kind of judgement by saying someone that dies in the cause of that murder/jihad/suicide bombing will ensure you a place in the Religions good graces because of your sacrifice.

But the sad thing is it is less a justified sacrifice to further a cause and more a loss of a life that could have been better served helping their own people rather then wasting the knowledge learned and the life lessons that could have been taught. These are educated people wasting that education to make a statement in their deaths which only furthers the voilence, hatred, retaliations, and deaths in the end.

Whether it be women, men, children or any other person in the end it is a life wasted rather then a glorious sacrifice. Who is to say that young man/woman would not be the one to create the cure for cancer or something else just as significant but in the end because they felt their life was better used in the service of a message of death we will never truly know.

With all that said I still have faith, I don't see the actions thge few take as a reflection of any God of any Religion but in fact the reflection of another person imposing his view of what their duty to their God should be. In the end we as a human race use Religion as a justification to do unspeakable acts against each other in the name of a higher power when in the end if we just treated each other with the same respect and care we expect others to treat us with the world would be a better place.

Unfourtunately we are seeing more of these actions like Wafa had taken in the last couple years and it does not seem to be slowing down. There is more unrest in the world everyday.

Hopefully more people will come to the realization we have to work together to survive as a species other wise cultural, religious, racial and ethnic differences will keep fuelling the hate and killing the world is now experiencing.

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