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[hugs] Thanks, Jen Taardad Maiden - 10/04/2004 01:12:22 AM

I hope you can get through saturday without going crazy from being understaffed, etc...I could see how that situation would be difficult this weekend, or any weekend...and customers still being customers while the employees are feeling sad, etc...

Exactly. The customers are baffled, and while most of them are at least sympathetic, I'm sure most don't want to sit thru a half-hour sob story from my servers about some guy they've never met, when all they REALLY wanted was something to eat. Right now, the employees are just having a hard time seeing anything but their own grief, otherwise I think they'd understand that.

I'm sure everything will be ok and you'll get through it


Not to change the subject, but where are you working now?

I'm managing at Fricker's in Richmond, Indiana. I think in Columbus, there's a very similar concept called Rooster's?? Those used to be Fricker's also, but the two brothers owning the business had a disagreement, split things down the middle, and became Fricker's and Rooster's. I love the company, love my job, but hate being located in Indiana right now. They're in a different time zone, plus it's over an hour away from home.

heck, after reading all that, I would have been willing to drive to wherever that was and help out...except that I have to work myself tomorrow...

[laughs and hugs] And I'd have put you to work in a heartbeat... there's great money to be made here. But I do appreciate that.

hope everything turns out ok...

Thanks, sweetie.

Morik The Thief: something that might amuse you... I think I pissed off a customer
Morik The Thief: as there was a package at work delivered to a Miss G Edwards
Morik The Thief: for bladder control underwear


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