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I see that we had very similar reactions to this book. Rebekah Send a noteboard - 10/11/2010 09:11:10 PM
That climax, however, for me personally, reduced HFS from a superb book and instant favourite to a good book that I have ambivalent feelings about. Several of the main characters start a course of action that is not only ill-conceived and doomed from the start (as was the earlier course of action between Elspeth and Edie, truth be told; I could not truly understand either, but maybe that's just me), but also shockingly and unwarrantedly cruel. While Niffenegger does not shy away from the consequences of those actions and devotes ample attention to the complicated feelings they cause in both the perpetrators (in the broadest sense of the word) and the victims, I found it hard to care very much about the resolution after such a twist. I recall only one other example of having an ending ruining my pleasure in a book as drastically, which was Juliet Marillier's Daughter of the Forest - even if I can't even recall just what that ending was. In that case, I ended up not reading the sequels nor any of Marillier's other books (though I may yet do so). I do think I'll continue to read Niffenegger's books, but it's a shame all the same.

Completely agree. I was really enjoying it up to that point, and even felt a little scared after the scene with the Kitten. But as soon as they went through with the plan I was angry and annoyed. It just felt so unrealistic – when you love someone you don't hurt them in that way deliberately, not when there's no real chance for reconciliation. And it's even more annoying when you consider that all they had to do (both sets of twins) was talk with each other (and the others involved).

I agree that her writing has improved, and I will continue to read her books, but I think this one will be going back to the bookshop. I don't think I want to reread it.

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