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I read this a while ago since it came out a lot earlier in the states. ajah Send a noteboard - 12/11/2010 08:18:10 AM
While the book had some elements I appreciated ( I tend to love anything that is essentially a ghost story), it did not have the emotional impact for me that The Time Traveler's Wife did. It seemed somewhat forced, with the plot just trying too hard to be unpredictable and falling short.

I also found the characters and their motivations to be overall repulsive. I didn't like either set of twins, and not having sympathy for the two young girls was one major downfall of the book for me. I just didn't care what happened to them, and I thought they were vapid and made ridiculous choices. (I think I look more for emotional connection to the characters than any other element of literary craft.)

One exception for me was the minor supporting character of Martin and his estranged love Marijke. I found his character's growth to be interesting and touching.
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