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My guess: *spoilers* Gher Send a noteboard - 19/03/2011 01:26:53 AM
In The Name of the Wind, Kvothe couldn't even do basic Sympathy to light that Fae creature on fire. And when it grabbed him, he wasn't described as shocked or scared, but rather was described as resigned. Then later on Bast warns Chronicler not to ask about what happened and then later tells him at the end of the book that Kvothe has given up and has lost his mojo.

So I think the failure to beat those guys wasn't some trick or embellishment of his fighting prowess, but rather it was just the same thing as the Sympathy failure. He's just a man waiting to die.

Kvothe has changed his name (Kote?). Elodin was seriously freaked out when Kvothe asked him about Denna frequently changing her name, until he realized it was only her "calling name" that was different. Kvothe somehow changed his Name name. His hair fades, his eyes fade, his skill at fighting and sympathy weaken, and there is no more music. It's probably why he can't open the chest at the end.

I don't know if he is able to switch back to Kvothe, but if so, it likely takes some preparation, which is why he could handle the scrael and not the soldiers.
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