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I had a very different reaction to Ballard's book Larry Send a noteboard - 21/03/2011 12:52:49 AM
I'll link my August 2010 review below, but what struck me (although I didn't note it directly in my review) is how much of a debt The Drowning World owes to Conrad's Heart of Darkness. There's a reason why the black characters are portrayed in such terms and it has nothing to do with Ballard's views on them; it's all related to what is happening around them.
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August 2010 review
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The Drowned World by JG Ballard - 21/03/2011 12:37:16 AM 8035 Views
I had a very different reaction to Ballard's book - 21/03/2011 12:52:49 AM 1285 Views
I did read that review of your's earlier. - 21/03/2011 12:59:05 AM 1192 Views
Ballard has been on my to read list for ages - 05/04/2011 08:28:09 PM 1095 Views

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