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It was ok. Vivien Send a noteboard - 12/04/2011 05:33:44 PM
It was worth reading, and I read the sequel too. There were certainly good parts. My problem with both books is that it seems to me like there were so many missed opportunities. I kept wanting the books to focus on the interesting stuff and it didn't happen. It's really frustrating when the world is set up, and the really interesting stuff is just beyond the horizon, and the author just doesn't go there. (I don't mean just geographically.)
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Spin State by Chris Moriarty - 11/04/2011 12:16:37 PM 8100 Views
This makes me want to re-read the book. - 11/04/2011 03:09:51 PM 1435 Views
I did not expect to come across Bose-Einstein condensate here - 12/04/2011 08:42:14 AM 1451 Views
Re: The book's reference section runs to nearly 10 pages. - 13/04/2011 09:31:20 AM 1567 Views
This sounds pretty cool. - 12/04/2011 10:21:04 AM 1445 Views
Re: I rec it highly. *NM* - 13/04/2011 09:31:38 AM 823 Views
It was ok. - 12/04/2011 05:33:44 PM 1370 Views
Also, some of it didn't make sense. - 12/04/2011 05:34:57 PM 1512 Views
I think that's what they call dystopia - 12/04/2011 06:07:19 PM 1478 Views
No, that's not what dystopia is. - 21/04/2011 04:30:43 AM 1532 Views

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