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This makes me want to re-read the book. Aeryn Send a noteboard - 11/04/2011 03:09:51 PM
It's definitely very hard SF - which I enjoy - so I didn't find that to be a detractor. I don't even recall there being that much technical detail, it seemed like the plot was focused on the explosion and mystery on the miners' planet, and Catherine Li's growing suspicion of the government deliberately erasing her memory and her dealing with traumatic events of her past (and coming to terms with her own humanity, and that of the AI). I'd really liked this book.

I think I liked the sequel, Spin Control, even better, because it was more focused and personal. And - there is a 3rd book coming out sometime on the horizon.
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Spin State by Chris Moriarty - 11/04/2011 12:16:37 PM 7921 Views
This makes me want to re-read the book. - 11/04/2011 03:09:51 PM 1333 Views
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Re: I rec it highly. *NM* - 13/04/2011 09:31:38 AM 746 Views
It was ok. - 12/04/2011 05:33:44 PM 1281 Views
Also, some of it didn't make sense. - 12/04/2011 05:34:57 PM 1408 Views
I think that's what they call dystopia - 12/04/2011 06:07:19 PM 1392 Views
No, that's not what dystopia is. - 21/04/2011 04:30:43 AM 1431 Views

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