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Re: You could read Winnetou and critique Karl May? Camilla Send a noteboard - 19/04/2011 08:08:49 AM
I have had real trouble finding a "western" book as well. I have been toying with the idea that To Kill a Mockingbird, which I am currently reading, could be squeezed into it, but I think that is stretching the genre beyond breaking point. Yours is most definitely closer (mine being merely set in America :P), but I am not a great fan of gory violence. This genre may be my downfall.

Like many Europeans I've a lingering fondness for Karl May, but I'd be interested in someone doing a more serious critical review of his books.

I saw you mentioned him a while ago, but other than that I have never heard of him. I'll keep him in mind, though.

And yes, To Kill a Mockingbird really is not a Western, though if this is your first time reading it, I'm certainly interested in your thoughts on that one as well.

Not a western, no. Hence the forcing: there is a man with a gun (several, in fact), a mad dog, a lynch mob, power play and a hero. All of which I think of as frequently occurring in Westerns (never, I think, having read one). And, as I said, it is set in the "West". I am sure I could, if given enough spare time, have made an argument for To Kill a Mockingbird as a modern inversion and possibly subversion of the Western genre. Of course, I would have to read up on the Western genre first :P

But yes, I'll probably write a review. At some point. Swamped at the moment.
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