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Be sure to read the two books that immediately follow it Larry Send a noteboard - 26/04/2011 11:41:53 PM
Der Weg zurück and Drei Kameraden deepen some of the story (especially the first, which briefly references Paul's comrades), plus it explains even more why the Nazis banned the book and drove Remarque into exile.

I first read it at 18 and it moved me then toward becoming almost an anti-war person (not an activist; I'm not that absolute and have some realization of the terrible joke that is armed conflict). Most of his other books are good to very good, but not quite as devastating to read.
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Remarque, Im Westen Nichts Neues (All Quiet on the Western Front) - 26/04/2011 06:16:11 PM 6477 Views
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Be sure to read the two books that immediately follow it - 26/04/2011 11:41:53 PM 982 Views
The latter of the two is already on my "to read" list. - 27/04/2011 05:03:49 AM 827 Views
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