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Re: Now this is a review Camilla Send a noteboard - 23/09/2009 01:16:08 PM
And very much in the Conan Doyle vein, as I can see. By which I mean rambling, in a not unpleasant kind of way ;)

I know what you mean.

Do the letters offer any explanation as to why he got so interested in magic and spirits later in his life? Because it's something that always bothered me as well.

Mmmno. Nothing more than the general biographers have observed: he thought he had seen proof. He started out a sceptic, but the contact with Spiritualism dates back to his early days as a doctor in Plymouth (unless I remember things entirely wrong). It just grew on him as he thought he found a religion that could be proved scientifically (he had distanced himself from Catholicism already when he was young). It is quite popular to suggest that it was the death of his son that did it, and it may have reinforced his wish to believe in it, but his letters show that he believed before that. The missionary activity does not take off till about that time, though.

Also, I agree that Arthur & George is quite good.

It is. I preferred the George bits of it, but the Arthur ones are in accordance with the facts as far as I can tell.

Thanks :)

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