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That's unfortunate if true... Jacob Send a noteboard - 12/11/2011 04:12:06 AM
You had me until you said it was like the new Sherlock Holmes. Those movies are a travesty and everyone involved with them should be burned. Sherlock Holmes is not an action star.

and a ridiculous statement if you mean it. As I wasn't making an allusion to Sherlock Holmes literature but rather a style of film and storytelling that is not in any way attached to the lore and personality of original works. My statement merely goes to the extent of feel and approach to a work, and the example in a part of several influences working in connection. It's silly to forego a fun, entertaining, and good story, because it has in common, some traits and elements to a movie, a movie which would have been entertaining if it hadn't been attached to Sherlock Holmes.

You perhaps should consider learning to separate your feelings from a thing rather than apply it to all things merely because they coexist in a sentence. THE ALLOY of LAW isn't a Sherlock Holmes story, and it isn't trying to be. It is a thrilling buddy crime and mystery story that features some fun and witty banter, excellent action sequences and better than expected characterization. If you feel it necessary to boycott a novel because it shares stylistic similarities to a movie you didn't like because you felt it wasn't true to it's supposed root material, that more fool you. There are far better and more reasoned things to cite for not reading a book than something as incidental, and really not at all concerning the story, than that.
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