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My cousin and I went to the release (), and when he picked it up, that's what he noticed Gher Send a noteboard - 14/11/2011 06:17:07 AM
"This is a Sanderson book? What the heck?"

The book is good though, and worth it. If you liked Mistborn, you'll like this.

I feel like all of his other stuff has been at least 4, 5 hundred, but that's just working off of memory.

I love that the time-changing Allomancy is finally being introduced. There wasn't a hint of it in the first trilogy, but then it suddenly appeared on that "Chart of all Powers" poster/desktop background he released a while back. There was also a metal to burn that put the Aluminum effect (eliminates all metals) on anyone you were touching, and a metal that put the Duralumin effect (expend all currently burning metals) on whoever you were touching.

The Temporal Allomancy is pretty cool. As is pretty much everything else.
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