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Turn away a free copy? James Send a noteboard - 14/02/2012 06:48:12 AM
I was going to get the eBook version, but considering the bookshop I checked were doing such a push on it (had a sign up saying what a great author he is and offering a free copy of The Gone Away World with every purchase of Anglemaker) I decided to pick up a physical copy (I already had TGW so didn't bother with the free copy).

I'm really looking forward to it, although it will be a week or two before I get to read it considering how busy I am at the moment

You are supposed to take that free copy and use it to brighten up the lives of your friends and family!

Then again, you may not want to listen to me as I have two copies of TGAW and will probably go for a third. The bright orange of the US TPB cover would look nice next to the neon pink one... if I ever get back home to pick it up (it was mailed to me just before I relocated a thousand miles away and is sitting at my parents house).
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