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I really enjoy her science fiction. Vivien Send a noteboard - 07/03/2012 02:50:59 AM
(went off to look up the books, because I differentiate them by plot rather than names, but I'm pretty sure I lined up the names with the books in my head) Her science fiction isn't hard sci-fi, but it's always fun and often has dystopian elements, which is something I really like.

Electic Forest - an extremely ugly woman in a world where good looks can be bought (genetic engineering, surgery, etc) and people don't even pretend not to discriminate based on looks. She's an accident, no genetic engineering was involved. Very fun, lots of twists, almost annoyingly so.

"Ugly is an accident, but so is beauty" A character muses that with the genetic engineering, people don't take chances and instead make sure that their children are pretty and everyone is good looking in a similar way but in order to get beauty you have to take risks. So the end result is that it's the very very rich that have super high end plastic surgery beauty while the middle classes are uniformly, blandly good looking. [Don't worry, the character that was ugly is really actually ugly, she's not "convinced that she's ugly while actually being stunningly beautiful" like the heroine in the Birthgrave 8} )

Day By Night - Dystopia, and it's a 2 in 1 deal. Half the planet is too hot, half the planet is too cold and they have only mythological awareness of the other one but spoiler alert, they are connected in mysterious ways. I didn't think too hard about the science of it, I don't read Tanith Lee for the hard science, I just took it as a given.

Don't Bite the Sun- Dystopia, I'm pretty sure you've read it, one of her more famous sci fi works.

Silver Metal Lover- Dystopia/romance. Definitely her most romantic book. Very different from her other books, I could see someone loving this book but disliking practically everything else and vice versa.

Leaves of Grass - Post apocalyptic/dystopia. But really really apocalyptic, as in post alien invasion apocalyptic and as far as we know the only "sane" humans left are hiding out underground. Now let's go a couple of generations into this... Scary!

Eva Fairdeath - Post apocalyptic but more like after nuclear war rather than alien invasion. All the characters are crazy to various degrees. Fun! This book was so not what I expected, it makes me appreciate Tanith Lee more. Really not the typical Tanith Lee heroine. Not too bright. But maybe that's consistent with the premise- post nuclear apocalypse, most everyone is some degree of crazy and/or retarded?

Everybody has their likes and dislikes. I know how you feel; I feel that way about The Stand by Stephen King. He's one of my favorite authors and that is usually everyone's fave by him but it's one of my least favorites.

Out of curiosity, what are your favorites by Lee?
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