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Finally have a chance to reply! (Some spoilers within.) Rebekah Send a noteboard - 30/03/2012 05:38:35 PM
Just a few thoughts:

- It was a great ending for the series. Tied up a few loose ends (the Kingair situation, Lyall, Biffy, etc) and set up a nice ending for Alexia and Connall.

- Loved what she did with Ivy. Perfection, really.

- I want a kid like Prudence. Maybe Evelyn will be that precocious. (It's quite likely.)

- Although it was obviously going to happen, I liked Biffy/Lyall. Works for both of them.

- Major Channing Channing of the Chesterfield Channings is still lovely.

- Also loved what happened with Floote, even though it's a huge change for him not to stay around with Alexia.

- Wished there'd been a little more Egypty stuff, but I do love how Carriger worked the ancient Western cultures into her stories.

I'll probably pick up the YA books. They'll be fun, I'm sure.

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