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Re: Finally have a chance to reply! (Some spoilers within.) Jessie Send a noteboard - 01/04/2012 10:31:47 PM
Just a few thoughts:

- It was a great ending for the series. Tied up a few loose ends (the Kingair situation, Lyall, Biffy, etc) and set up a nice ending for Alexia and Connall.

I loved it as well. I had fears that it wouldn't turn out how I had hoped, but Ms. Carriger exceeded all expectations.

- Loved what she did with Ivy. Perfection, really.

I wasn't in love with Ivy as a vampire queen, but I did like that Ivy as a character grew and changed a lot from the first book. I would never had assumed she had excess soul from her brainless banter (apparently I associate souls with intelligence) so it was a lovely, unexpected surprise.

- I want a kid like Prudence. Maybe Evelyn will be that precocious. (It's quite likely.)

I have high hopes for Evelyn, look who she has for parents. That is going to be one well-read child. - Prue is a great addition! I was fearful about the 'infant inconvenience' initially but loved how she was executed. I also have to admit I really like that Alexia remained largely the same with her kid - she's soulless, not emotionless. I very much enjoyed their scenes together.

- Although it was obviously going to happen, I liked Biffy/Lyall. Works for both of them.

I liked this, but liked less that Lyall leaves the Pack. :( I was sad by the secrets he had hidden, if admiring how well they tied the story together.

- Major Channing Channing of the Chesterfield Channings is still lovely.

I want more from him. Maybe he'll appear in Prudence's series!

- Also loved what happened with Floote, even though it's a huge change for him not to stay around with Alexia.

I actually wasn't as huge of fan of this twist. I think Danielle pointed out that "if PP goes back to one well too often, it's the thought-to-be-trusted-friend-is-actually-not-so-good. Angelique, Professor Lyall, Madame Lefoux, and now Floote." and I have to agree. I liked that more was revealed about him, but wish he hadn't been just like the other characters.

I also could've done without Madame Lefoux. I liked the first four book but after Heartless, she seems like an odd addition to the 5th book.

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