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I mostly have that with War and Peace. Legolas Send a noteboard - 01/05/2012 06:41:38 PM
And I suspect I read a shortened version.

In Norwegian?
Thanks for reminding me that it is one I should reread.

I don't know that I'd really recommend it as such, but yes, you probably should, what with being a literature professor and all. ;)

Pick-up artist - a series of techniques for men to seduce women that mostly seem to consist of subtly insulting them and undermining their self-confidence in order to win their attention and interest. In the case of the novel, it might be a slight exaggeration to make the comparison, but only slight. Although in Julien's defense, Mathilde's treatment of him is certainly inconsistent and confusing... but the difference is that from her side there is no intentional pretence, and it's real emotions that make her go from hot to cold and back.
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I mostly have that with War and Peace. - 01/05/2012 06:41:38 PM 827 Views
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