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Even if that were true he could still have cut the beginning by 3/4 Dark Knight Send a noteboard - 31/07/2012 03:09:40 AM
I don't get it...

Read some of the stuff they have to say, about the first book and about this one. Read some of the theories. There's a strong possibility that there are a lot of important things hiding in plain sight amongst the fluff. The moon, Namers, Shapers, ancient wars, demons, lineages, languages, an angel, secret societies, hidden magics, undying enemies locked behind doors, bad guys who might be good guys and vice versa, and a lot more. Either it's all in there if you know how to look for it, or a lot of people are fooling themselves.

And still be able to slip in what he wanted. I'm sorry, I don't buy into the "I can write a bunch of fluff just to slip in some foreshadowing" idea. A book should be like the human body-lean and efficient. Not bloated with unnecessary fat.
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