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So let's discuss some recent/upcoming releases, shall we? Larry Send a noteboard - 13/11/2016 10:45:37 PM

I am finally coming out of a reading slump and am back to reading more than 2-3 books/month after nearly two years of little reading. I just finished re-reading the three current volumes in Carlos Ruiz Zafón's The Cemetery of Lost Books series in advance of the final volume, The Labyrinth of Spirits, being released in Spanish on the 17th (uncertain when the US Spanish edition will be released; English translation is scheduled now for Fall 2017). I seem to recall there being some here who in the past have read (and enjoyed) Zafón's books, so I'm curious: have you heard about this upcoming release before now? Are you eager to read it whenever it comes out in a language you can read?

For those who haven't read Zafón, what are some of the recent releases/upcoming releases you're hoping to read in the next few months? I know I've largely fallen off of the epic fantasy wagon the past five years or so, but at some point, maybe before New Year's, I hope to purchase and read the latest Malazan books. Already read the latest Bakker the week it was published (I can't remember if I posted a copy of my review here or not, I'll check later and post it if I didn't) and found it to be a mixed bag.

Doubtless there are many decent/good releases I'm not aware of, so that's in part why I'm curious to see what you're anticipating reading/have recently read, so I (and hopefully others) can discover more to read during the winter months ahead.

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So let's discuss some recent/upcoming releases, shall we? - 13/11/2016 10:45:37 PM 814 Views
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