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It took me years to track down an affordable copy, but I finally have it in its original language, Latin. I recall it being rather dry in the mid-20th century Penguin Classics excerpts I had to read a quarter-century ago for Western Civ Honors, but I admit that I'm curious to see how it reads in Latin (and to see if the perceived turgidness might be due to Renaissance Latin and not just the translation or More's writing style).

Have any of you ever undertaken reading this work or another such work more well-known in translation? If so, what did you make of those works?

I wasn't going to spend more than $10-15 on it, so I waited until someone released a cheap self-published edition, since I didn't care for e-book either. And by years, maybe I should have elaborated and said I thought about it maybe 1-2 times a year, looked a couple of times and couldn't justify spending the money, before finally having a higher-paying job and a few hundred spare dollars a month for whimsical spending

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