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Hmmm Mark Send a noteboard - 01/09/2009 04:49:26 PM
I have enjoyed Niall Ferguson's books (possibly the last one aside, which though interesting wasn't well written), as he clearly has an excellent knowledge of the subjects he writes about and relies on careful research. He also is fiscally conservative and internationally is an interventionist, which makes him an interesting read for me as he does challenge my world view.

While Ferguson is not someone that I would share a worldview with, I agree with you that he has made some interesting points (one of my favourites being that the opinion that the second world war began in 1939 is a very western view of things). I would however strongly disagree with you about him relying on careful research. One of the principal criticisms of his work has been of the lack of solid research (with the exception of his Rothschild work) and his habit of jumping to conclusions without strong evidence.
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