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Oh no! Is it really going to be the last one? Missa Sedai 14/03/2012 03:39:35 PM 374 Yes  
I admit it's only been a few weeks and yet I already want to reread it. Missa Sedai 13/03/2012 11:35:55 PM 613 Yes  
Definitely do! It's such a good book. Missa Sedai 13/03/2012 11:35:09 PM 611 Yes  
The official website, with link to the first four chapters.... Missa Sedai 26/02/2012 04:46:46 PM 1524    
The Rook by Daniel O'Malley Missa Sedai 26/02/2012 04:44:16 PM 7472    
I second Heaney's translation. Missa Sedai 28/12/2011 01:04:38 AM 502    
I'm reading it now. Missa Sedai 17/11/2011 01:12:34 AM 777    
...the second trilogy is still part of the overall story. May as well start from the beginning. Missa Sedai 28/02/2011 08:24:42 PM 324 Yes  
I'm in. Missa Sedai 15/12/2010 05:20:04 AM 599 Yes  
I'll have you know I sent my copy of Harkaway off with a rafonaut just the other day. Missa Sedai 17/11/2010 06:12:18 PM 226 Yes  
Her Fearful Symmetry is in my To Be Read Pile. I adore her other book. Missa Sedai 03/11/2010 03:13:35 PM 278 Yes  
Hmm...let's see... Missa Sedai 03/11/2010 03:12:33 PM 551    
I'm actually in a steampunk trend right now... Missa Sedai 23/10/2010 12:52:16 AM 431    
I was raised on the Wizard of Oz series. Missa Sedai 21/10/2010 04:02:06 PM 646    
Already on request at the library, so I'm glad you did a review. Thanks! Missa Sedai 10/10/2010 04:11:15 PM 696 Yes  
Oh, please listen to this, people. Anita's a slippery slope of badness. Missa Sedai 27/09/2010 11:13:43 PM 256 Yes  
I've read other books by Kelley Armstrong and really enjoyed them. Missa Sedai 24/09/2010 03:43:41 AM 173 Yes  
I just looked up that book series... Missa Sedai 20/09/2010 05:24:11 PM 611    
I love Jake. Missa Sedai 16/09/2010 04:18:08 PM 201 Yes Yes
Halfway through American Psycho Missa Sedai 05/09/2010 12:12:38 AM 1000