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Page titles in the Back/Forward buttons

Reported by: guttering flame

Type: Change Request

Status: Complete

Created: 01/11/2009 11:11:38 AM

Maybe this is a minor detail but when I look at the page list in the browser history or even in the back button I like to see exactly what each page is. As it is there's just a generic list of Read and Find Out pages. You can't know from it if the page your looking for was no. 9 back or no. 29. They're identical.

Also, was the content of the previous site (Wotmania) not moved into this one? Seems sad.

Anyway the new site looks great so far otherwise
I think I know the reason for the former.
I believe it was for those at work. As you know, the "title bar" at the top, says Read and Find Out. It's for those who are at work while at the site, so it doesn't look NSFW, which could result in a firing. :P

And I think Ben is working on the latter.
Re: Page titles in the Back/Forward buttons
Fixed. All pages now have a unique page title.

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