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"Spoiler" tag / link. (Aemon)

Reported by: Aemon

Type: Addition / Suggestion

Status: New

Created: 12/02/2010 02:41:44 PM

Since this is a discussion site for books, games, movies and the like, could we get an easier way to mark inline spoilers than using font tags with white text? Lots of forums have a feature that marks spoilers in black and includes a "spoiler" label, or a "click to view spoiler" button, or whatever. Low priority, but it seems like this would be a good thing for us to have.
Re: "Spoiler" tag / link. (Aemon)
I second this.
Not a bad idea, for future functionality... *NM*
I was going to suggest this
But I was beaten to it. Would definitely be good to have.

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