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The "submit quickpoll" link is gone

Reported by: Camilla

Type: Change Request

Status: Complete

Created: 12/06/2010 11:11:09 AM

Today, when there was no quickpoll, all it said was

Daily QuickPoll
Sorry, no QuickPoll today!

If you previously submitted one and haven't seen it on the site, and it meets the criteria on the submission page, feel free to re-send it!

View old Quickpolls

I seem to remember there being a "submit quickpolls" link. If not, there should be one.
I was all like: "there is no quickpoll, I will submit one. WHAAAATT, how am I supposed to do this..."
Re: The "submit quickpoll" link is gone
Still not fixed... you should really do something about this.
The link worked yesterday when there was a QP.
Re: The "submit quickpoll" link is gone

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