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The whole site is loading REALLY slowly

Reported by: Camilla

Type: Bug

Status: Complete

Created: 15/06/2010 05:56:55 PM

I have only 1 day's worth of posts on the mbs, so it isn't that. It started with the premium updates. And it is not just the boards. The home page is slow as well.

It took Scotty 7.623 seconds to beam up this page

I have a premium plus account. And I'm on Firefox on a mac. Just in case that is relevant.
For the homepage
This page was secret for 11.105 seconds. It was also safe
And again for the homepage
This page was sent through the Stargate in 24.232 seconds
And loading the bugs site again
This page was recovered from Atlantis in 69.954 seconds

I am just updating this because it seems to be getting worse.
Now it works fine
I hope that means Ben fixed something.
Re: The whole site is loading REALLY slowly
Server issue, not really a bug.

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