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May not be a bug

Reported by: FanEditor10

Type: Bug

Status: Duplicate

Created: 24/06/2010 03:13:44 AM

I was trying to access the rules today because in 2 months of use I never tried to read them, and it occurred to me that in most other forums, this is a good way to find yourself in trouble.

The Rules link does not seem to work. I tried to open it in a new tab because I thought it was just fizzling, but it opened up a duplicate tab of what I was viewing before.

Sorry if this is NOT important information. I'm not sure.
The Rules are in potentia.
They'll be up sometime soon.
We should make them up during the Gathering. *NM*
Re: May not be a bug
Duplicate ticket, and not really a bug. Rules will be coming soonish.

Thanks, though.

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