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irc chat?

Reported by: Jonielle

Type: Addition / Suggestion

Status: On hold

Created: 01/09/2009 06:13:25 AM

No hurry at all. Ppl can suffer a bit. :)

My suggestion is making a page with this information until or unless there is a better alternative(I will close it if you think I should):

The easiest way for non-technological people to join the readandfindout chat is this:


Where it says channels, type:

Choose any nickname you wish, if it is taken it will be automatically altered.

And using this or something similar so you won't have to deal with drama:

"Remember that Nebhead is NOT responsible for what goes on in this chat, if anyone complain on the cmb here or to Nebhead or any of the site admins about what happens in chat, the chat WILL BE CLOSED."

I made a cmb post with more info:
I'm going to have a think about this.
I really don't want to have any chat going until it's something that I've had time to make sure happens properly. That's not to stop people from creating their own chat places, but I don't really want to officially have a page pointing to a place, because that implies (disclaimer text or not) some sort of deeper link.

It also doesn't help that there are two or three people setting up chat type places.

I'll have a think.
Re: irc chat?
That is understandable.
Re: irc chat?
as I said before, though, ben, if you need any help with programming, let me know. I'm fully willing, when the time comes, to write up a nifty chat program for the site. just nb me!

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