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I had no idea what TMQ was, so I went for a brief gander. Nate Send a noteboard - 20/09/2014 05:46:00 AM

It felt like quite a ways down the column before he started talking about the domestic abuse issue, but then I saw how horrifically long the entire column actually was. The domestic abuse was a pretty small part of the overall column, and mostly just says that he's worried Rice is getting preferential treatment by the justice system. Then he goes on for about half a hundred other topics, many of them completely unrelated to football, peppered with photos of cheerleaders here and there. I didn't bother reading much.

If you're curious, the following is basically it so far as the abuse thing goes (maybe there was more last week, I'd rather not skim through another one of these monsters to check) :

"Since Rice was placed into a pretrial diversion program by a New Jersey judge, isn't that a reason to think he should be treated leniently? John Barr and Don Van Natta Jr. find that only about 1 percent of New Jersey domestic violence cases similar to Rice's result in pretrial diversion. This suggests Rice got special treatment because he is an NFL star, and that is disturbing on several levels. (Janay Rice also was arrested; charges against her were dropped.) Granting special legal treatment to NFL stars is wrong in and of itself, but this sends the wrong message to youth and high school players: that they can bend the rules so long as they score touchdowns."

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