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In 2010 I moved down to Killeen Texas and currently live with my brother who is a long distance truck driver so most of the time I'm home alone with my kitties, my books and my internet.
I work at a local high school as a "nutrition specialist" which means I serve food in the cafeteria.
While I've made friends with some people from work...they are friends at work if you know what I mean. I'm an extreme introvert and as such prefer just staying home, and the less communication the better.
No boyfriends TYVM, and really...that isn't a problem. My sex drive is nonexistent thank to having passed through menopause. I don't know whether to be relived or disappointed. Although you know it would be kind of nice to have someone other than my cats to snuggle with at night.
I have two cats, my big girl is named Maura, a tabby, and my little girl is Siobhon, a white and ginger girl.

I do have an older lady I visit who I try to visit once every week and call every few day. I do errands for her as she doesn't leave her home.

My brother has talked me into being more active on FB so I check in there at least once a day.

Thanks to FB I have gotten in touch with a bunch of cousins around the country and made a family page so we can all communicate and share with one another better.

From here I have Amy and Rebekah on my friend list and would love to have more of you. Send Sylvia Hinz a friend request. I have pictures of my cats on my home page.

formerly known as Amyrlin

Btw I miss you too ~ K.B. 1971-2006
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